About Plattelandscentrum

Plattelandscentrum is based on the diversity and many benefits of the countryside. We try to highlight these benefits in creative ways, helping to create a countryside community where people enjoy living, working and relaxing today and in the future.

We do this through activities in four main categories.

Plattelandslab gives insight into the projects run by Plattelandscentrum. Together with a broad network, we set up innovative processes to address economic, cultural, social and community challenges in the countryside.

Farm and Regional Products showcases cooperatives from the Meetjesland, Flemish Ardennes and Waasland. It also gives people an idea of our short supply chain activities.

The Huysmanhoeve houses the Provincial Regional Centre. This is where we and our fantastic team of volunteers are creating a space for local and provincial experimentation.

Experience the Countryside offers tours of the Meetjesland.

All these activities are based on our core values of Working Together, Innovation and Creativity, with which we aim to make a difference to our community, with our community.

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